1-page website, almost

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1-page website, almost

I’m sure you have all been to a website like the title implies…

The page loads in your browser, and you notice the scrollbar on the right getting smaller and smaller… and smaller. What does this mean, you may ask yourself at first.  But then as you are moving down the page, and down some more, you start to have an appreciation for what Alice must have felt like, falling down the rabbit hole.

For those of you web designers out there that want to pack as much into the page as you can, here are some simple tips that I have found/used in my developing.

  • Depending on the size and resolution of your user’s browser window/monitor/graphics card, it is quite difficult to set a standard ‘page height’ for all of your audience, so when it comes down to it it’s a matter of similar content, text flow, and other page elements.
  • As a rule of mine when adding content to a site, I do not make pages longer than 1 full page scroll on my 15″ laptop screen at 1280×1024 resolution, which is tweaked based on client needs/wants of course.
  • If a longer page is warranted, I also add “back to the top” links after so many paragraphs that link to an anchor tag I put at the top of the page contents (or even the very top of the page).
  • Another option I have done in the past is to have a set ‘content height’ on the page – if for example the text is surrounded by a set width picture. In that case, you can set that section of the page with scrollbars.  But also, in this case, I would particularly be careful of how much scrolling is needed since you are working with a smaller space.