How Fast and Conveniently Do You Want Your Website Up?

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How Fast and Conveniently Do You Want Your Website Up?

Whether you are just starting out online, looking to promote a new book, product or service, finding the right tools is crucial. If you don’t have a website yet, or aren’t happy with who/where you are using now, it’s always time-consuming to research, find and setup new web hosting, website URL, and site. A few things to consider:

  • How fast do you need the site installed, setup and live with content ready for your many visitors?
  • Do you want to have a WordPress site, so it’s easy to update, add features to, and something you can update most content on yourself?
  • How many website URLs (domain names) will you need to manage under your one account?
  • Do you need your site to be secure? (so it starts with https://…  and the browser identifies it as a secure website)
    • Google’s Chrome browser, which many of us use myself included, has also started displaying warnings of non-secure sites which can be a deterrent for our site visitors.  Click Here for more info…
  • Check the company’s Terms and Conditions relating to violations, suspensions, and specific “use policies”
  • Does the company provide great customer service?  (google for company reviews)
  • Do you want or need scheduled backups, or even the ability to run online backups on your site and site database? (an example for WordPress sites)

In my experience developing and working on several websites, both from my freelance clients and my current and past employers, I like certain companies above others, for various reasons.  And, I’m soo pleased to tell you that I have some good news for you!  You don’t have to scour the internet, and page through several Google results to find the tools that work the best, because I have done most of the work for you!

So, here we go…

  • I would use WordPress 11 times out of 10 for the website software platform, and the best company/service I found for WordPress sites is WPEngine. When you consider the above questions, WPEngine has the following awesome features:
    • Just one WordPress website or multiple installations under one account
    • Automatic website backups (files and database file)
    • Free SSL certificate, so your website will show as secure (https://…)
    • Quick and knowledgable customer support (including 24/7 chat support)
    • Ready to signup with WPEngine?  Click Here Now!
  • With any WordPress site, you need a great WordPress Theme, to set the layout/look/color scheme of your site to make it your own.  For this, I really like the Marketer’s Delight Theme
    • Customizable sections that are easy to update quickly and easily
    • Automatic updates when the developer updates the Theme with fixes, updates and new features
    • Great customer service and online documentation if you ever have any issues
    • Ready to signup with Marketers Delight?  Click Here Now!
  • And last but not least, if you want to do any sort of marketing to give your customers/visitors the best information about your product or services, what better way than a WordPress add-on, what they call a plugin, to easily create pages and ways of collecting your visitors’ information for later emailing and promotional materials. The plugin that I use for this is called OptimizedPress.
    • Several types of page elements to add and maneuver
    • Mobile responsive page elements
    • Great customer support via email, with fast response times
    • Ready to signup with OptimizePress?  Click Here Now!

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