Throwback Thursday – Remember Geocities?

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Throwback Thursday – Remember Geocities?

We all had one, even though it would take a Klondike Bar to admit these days, at least…  I was just brainstorming things for my site today, and MY geocities site popped into my head since it’s “throwback Thursday.”  C’mon, who had one?  Chime in below!!

How far have we come?!  Wow, to think how hard – well, hard may be the wrong word; perhaps more like how many more steps and lines of code it took todo certain things on our free sites that were hosted by the variety of geocities-type providers…  Like the image above depicts, oh the possibilities!

And in case you didn’t notice it right away, this is a DOUBLE throwback Thursday treat of a picture… Do you see it??  If not, just “navigate” around the picture until you see it.

With this throwback in mind, I can’t help but think what I know now compared to back then, and what is available. How fast you can get your site up, running and secure is amazing.  And the ways you can pick, select, updating the look of the site with ease now – whether you know little or a lot about code.  “Thanks WordPress!”

I would highly recommend checking out the below link if you are looking for great tools for a website of your own – or a website update.  I trust you don’t still have a geocities site – unless you are living in Japan – but a website facelift isn’t an uncommon things these days.

How Fast and Conveniently Do You Want Your Website Up?

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