Video Embedding: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook. Oh My!

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Video Embedding: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook. Oh My!

I have used Youtube and Vimeo mainly for embedding video on websites, but have used all 3 for uploading video to share with the internet. This is not to say there are others out there, as I write this post that are better, etc. With that in mind, I am not condemning other video uploading services if they are not mentioned below. ** End disclaimer **

Here is my take on uploading videos for your website/clients’ websites and your business promotions/events. In my experience, Vimeo offers the most quality, has a professional looking ‘player’ and is quite easy for even the non-technically savy. Youtube is where I upload my personal videos mainly because of the over-population of all kinds of videos posted to Youtube daily. While on the topic of Youtube, it is also worth saying that after the video is done, sometimes the ‘suggestions’ for other videos to watch may not be something you want to be “associated” with your video if it is for a professional purpose. Facebook video uploading is not something I have used extensively, but I would just as soon upload the video to Youtube and link to it on Facebook, as your friends/fans still have the option to comment on the video link on Facebook also.

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